Contents: Refer Vol. 30, No. 2 Spring 2014

Rewriting the book: the new Library of Birmingham: Ralph Adam explores the phenomenon of a library where people are queuing to get in.

 How often are skivers and strivers mentioned in the media? Have any prime ministers other than David Cameron referred to an industry as being in “the national interest”? Richard Nelsson describes the work of the Research and Information Unit at The Guardian.

“No-one really wanted to talk about it”: Historical novelists Helen Dunmore, Stef Penney, Kate Williams and Katy Darby tell Refer what attracts them to the historical period they write about, how they do research and how they use libraries and Lucy Saint-Smith interviews children’s author Caroline Lawrence.

A Haven for the Insatiably Curious – There are not many libraries where Butterflies sit next to Camels, or Dentistry to Devils, or Housing next to Human Sacrifice. Amanda Stebbings reports on how writers use the London Library.


Stewart Gillies on the new Newsroom at the British Library

Alexandra Asman on library services for journalism and creative writing students at City University

Helen Edwards on how journalists are using social media

Ian Badger on how using the VLE helps him integrate information literacy into the curriculum

Updates from SCOOP on the report from the Tinder Foundation on the workforce development programme for the Universal Information Offer and the SCOOP reaction to a presentation from the Government Digital Service about the thinking behind the Gov.UK website.

Reviews of new reference books