Autumn 2014: Children’s issue of Refer Magazine: call for papers

YLG London and ISG are currently working together to create a special issue of Refer magazine devoted to children’s reference issues. This publication is due to be published in October 2014, and it is intended to feature a variety of articles dealing with the various problems and solutions which are encountered when providing under 18s with answers to their reference enquiries.

Articles for Refer are written by professionals such as yourselves. We are interested in submissions dealing with areas you have working knowledge of, and which you feel comfortable writing about. We have also compiled a list of various ideas which you are also free to pick from, if they are something you are interested in exploring. The current ideas we have are:

  • Homework clubs and how to provide appropriate reference services for them
  • The use of Encyclopaedia Britannica by children
  • Tutors who use the library service for excluded children
  • Gamification in libraries, and the role of reference books
  • Wikipedia and its role in learning, and the skills which are needed to use it properly
  • The difference between academic levels (GCSE, AS, A) and how this changes students use of reference materials
  • Volunteer libraries and reference enquiries
  • Teaching children how to use internet services (google, askjeeves, Wikipedia, etc) properly
  • Promotion of reference materials in libraries
  • Reviews of particular reference books – or series of books – which you have found particularly useful
  • Teaching LIS students about children’s reference issues
  • Enhanced eBooks and the reference sector
  • Organising reference materials for greater user involvement

While not a comprehensive list of the areas we are interested it, this is designed to hopefully seed ideas, and to show the sort of issues we are hoping to explore.

We hope for articles to be around 600-1500 words long, and those chosen will cover multiple perspectives in this challenging field. Articles will need to be fully submitted by early September, but please let us know what you intend to write about before then so we can begin to look at planning the issue.

We are also interested in hearing from teachers and other professionals working with young people about their expectations of children’s reference services and of course from young people themselves. It would be great to include quotes in any articles or indeed create them jointly with professionals or clients.

All questions can be directed to:

Jonas Herriot at,

Helen Edwards at


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