Popular Reference Titles: Top 10 by Dewey Category

Jonas Herriot, Richmond Lending Library

Rather than go for a top ten by overall figures, this list was broken down into the large Dewey categories, and the top issuing non-fiction book in each was chosen. This represents the books which children across our borough over the last six months are borrowing, and while it may not have the recent success stories in this field, it is an accurate representation of what is popular among our younger readers.

000s Do igloos have loos and other cool questions answered – Mitchell Symons (Red Fox, 2011)

100s Eye Bogglers – Gianni A. Sarconne & MarieJo Waeber (Carlton Books, 2011)

200s A Faith like mine – Laura Buller (Dorling Kindersley, 2005)

300s Ancient Egypt – Marcia Williams (Walker 2012)

400s Spanish for beginners – Angela Wilkes & John Shackell (Usbourne,1987)

500s E-Explore dinosaur – Dougal Dixon (Dorling Kindersey, 2004)

600s Children’s cookbook – Katherine Ibbs (Dorling Kindersely, 2004)

700s How to football – Alan Ackrell (Dorling Kindersley, 2011)

800s The Puffin book of fantastic first poems – June Crebbin (Puffin 2000)

900s Tudors: a high speed history – Terry Deary (Scholastic 2010)”



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