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Ministry of Justice (MoJ): Record retention and disposition schedules (First published 15 December 2014)

As part of “Creating a transparent justice system”, certain types of information in the MoJ are subject to Record Retention and Disposition Schedules (RRDS). An informative desk guide, “Introduction to What to keep”provides interesting and informative advice on what is to be retained within the department and how long it should be kept for. Helps to clarify what electronic information should be kept for business, legislative and historical reasons as well as helping decide what to delete: Keep for three years then delete, keep for seven years then delete, or keep permanently.

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Birmingham Library opening hours nearly halved – This is progress?

The opening hours for Birmingham’s new £189m Library are to be cut by nearly half to save money, the city council has confirmed. The authority said the opening hours of the Library of Birmingham, which was opened in September 2013 by Malala Yousafzai amid great fanfare, would fall from 73 to 40 a week.

Plans to make 100 of the 188 Library staff redundant are still being discussed, but the council expects at least 90 people will lose their jobs.

The Labour-led council said it must cut nearly £113m from its 2015/16 budget. The figure is down by £3.8m from the original plan of cutting £116.7m from its budget, which was revealed in a white paper in December.

Birmingham City Council has been hit by massive financial problems as a result of losing an equal pay claim (In this day and age?) brought by underpaid female workers. As a result, the city sold its interest in the NEC Group, but cuts elsewhere have continued.

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