Report for ISG of the 81st IFLA WLIC held in Cape Town, August 2015

Jane Weller, ISG

 For this year’s session of the Reference and Information Services Section (RISS), the Committee had selected six speakers, from Nigeria, Singapore, USA, Australia, Taiwan and the host country, South Africa. Their presentations/papers can be found on

The theme was “Surprise Yourselves! New Models of Reference and Information Services” and the programme was well attended, with the last speaker, Alissa Sputore, from the Western Australia University, Perth, able to include a spontaneous summing up and linking together of the previous five talks!

The Satellite Session, in Botswana, was also a great success, and the sixteen presentations on the theme of Reference as Service and Place are available on with RISS attracting new members from both events. All three Officer posts on the main Committee had to be re-assigned this year, so the new Chair is now Christine Brown, University of Alberta, Canada; the new secretary is Najwa Hendrickse, National Library, South Africa, and the new Information Coordinator is Julie Biando Edwards, University of Montana, USA. There are a further nine members, auguring well for the continuation of the Reference Section.

Sadly, Jane was unable to attend the Congress, due to family commitments, and has now left RISS, after an invigorating and most enjoyable five-year term of office.

See the RISS Facebook page

Refer 31 (3) Autumn 2015


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