“One Stop Shop” For All Parliamentary Information

Donna Ravenhill, Public Information Online

 Ironically, in the digital age of supposedly easily accessible publications, it has actually become harder to find a full set of Parliamentary Papers now than it was 100 years ago.

Dandy Booksellers publish all Parliamentary Papers in hard copy and supply them electronically on Public Information Online (PIO) www.publicinformaitononline.comwhere you can cross-search all the parliamentary papers by keywords.

Since the disappearance of Parliamentary information from the TSO daily list, it has become more difficult to keep an eye of everything that is published. We have to monitor:






for official documents, e.g. Command Papers, Acts, annual reports etc. This should be the only place that needs to be monitored if the guidance set by the Government Digital Service is followed correctly:


Unfortunately, this is just guidance. Government departments choose to publish official documents in different ways, which means documents do not appear on gov.uk nor are they included in the TNA list of official documents. We monitor various different resources to pick up these anomalies.

TNA advise us to monitor the Votes and Proceedings. This lists the events and decisions of the day, including the results of any divisions, any papers presented or committees appointed. This is not an easy task for the following reasons:

  • Not all papers are listed in the V&P on the day they are published.
  • It is not always obvious what type of paper to which the record refers.
  • There is no logical order. House of Commons papers could be listed anywhere within the V&P.

The Dandy Weekly List and the Public Information Online daily feed is now the most comprehensive source of tracking all parliamentary publications available.

Do you miss the bound volumes of Hansard? Often essential because of the indexes, we have continued to print/bind them and have now published up to:

HOC Official Report 6th series bound Vol 620 (to 24 Feb 2017)

HOL Official Report 5th series bound Vol 772 (to 8 Nov 1968)

We are continuing to work on our electronic archive and have nearly completed all the Standing Committee Debates going back to 1919, e.g.:

War Emergency Laws (Continuance) Bill Standing Committee C 12th November – 17th December 1919

These debates are rare in hard copy and only available electronically on Public Information Online.   Currently, our Bill Tracker goes back to the 1950s, where you can choose any Bill, track the different stages, view historical debates and see the documents associated with your Bill. Here you can search for keywords within them and order results chronologically, alphabetically or by type of document. You can export or save your search results to use at a later date.

PIO also includes the Civil Service Yearbook, the indispensable directory for anyone who needs to find information on the structure, department and key personnel of the Civil Service. This information is updated daily and the archive goes back to the 1960s.

The ongoing digitisation on PIO includes:


Army List 1969-2014

Air Force List 1970-2013

Navy List 1974-2014



Annual Abstract of Statistics 1935 (No. 84) – 152
Regional Trends 1981 (No. 16) – 2011 (No. 43)
Regional Statistics 1975 (No. 11) – 1980 (No. 15)
Abstract of Regional Statistics 1965 (No. 1) – 1974 (No. 10)
Social Trends 1970 (No. 1) – 2011 (No. 41)


HMSO Annual Catalogues – 1922- 1995.

If you would like a free trial to


please email us at info@publicinformationonline.com or call on 020 7 624 2993.

K & IM Refer 33 (3,) Winter 2017



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