The Walford Awards 2017

Amanda Duffy, Chair Awards Panel

We received an unprecedented number of nominations for the Walford Award this year and it was difficult to reduce that list to just one name. So we decided to award two Walfords this time in celebration of the formation of K&IM Special Interest Group. Our two winners show the wide diversity of work that encompasses the information and knowledge management field.

So as not to show any bias or favouritism, they are alphabetical order.

David Gurteen

David began life as a physicist and worked for many years for British Aerospace in the IT field. His time with Lotus Development introduced him to Knowledge Management (although he didn’t know it as such). He established his own consultancy in 1993 and quickly realised that the real issues around IT were about people – their behaviour, learning and ways of working together effectively. From there, he hasn’t stopped, becoming a real champion for sharing knowledge and creating networks through the power of conversation and knowledge cafes. David is a model Knowledge Management practitioner, open minded, inclusive and willing to share learning with, as well as learn from, others. His modesty and enthusiasm for his subject are infectious.

Very few other people have made the sustained, generous, ever expanding and visible contribution to Knowledge Management globally that David has. He has been a tireless ambassador for KM, crossing professional boundaries in an understated and effective way, and winning over sceptics and critics alike.

In appreciation of his openness, enthusiasm and objectivity in this growing area of professional information work, the Walford Award is presented to David Gurteen.

Valerie Nurcombe

Valerie’s contribution to information work and resources takes two paths. Firstly, she has been the author of a number of essential works on information sources in architecture, building and above all official publications.   And it is with official publications that Valerie’s second and truly major contribution lies.

The Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP), from its inception in 1970, has played an important part within the Information Services Group. SCOOP brings together users of official publications in all kinds of library, authors of official publications (mostly Parliament) and publishers of official publications. As long-term secretary of SCOOP, Valerie kept these groups talking to each other and resolving the many issues that arose (and still arise).

She also kept day-to-day practitioners in the field up-to-date and confident in the use and exploitation of official publications. Most of this was done through very successful day schools, meetings and seminars, all of which were delivered by senior people in the profession. These events were not only extremely popular (many had to be repeated again and again), they were also very important in spreading the word about the vital importance of maintaining and promoting official publications collections. On top of this, they were financially very profitable, and sales of the published proceedings spread the word even further.

Recognition of Valerie’s extensive and dedicated work is long overdue, and Knowledge and Information Management Group is pleased to acknowledge this by presenting her with the Walford Award in 2017.


K & IM Refer 33 (3), Winter 2017


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