Taking the Knowledge & Information Management SIG into 2018 and Beyond

Denise Carter, Chair K&IM

The Knowledge & Information Management Special Interest Group (K&IM) moved from a transition to full committee at the beginning of 2018.

Many thanks and grateful appreciation go to David Smith for his chairmanship of the transition committee, and to the members of that committee who have now stepped back – Ruth Carlyle, Sandra Ward, Sue Silcocks, and Karen McFarlane who acted as our CILIP advisor. Without their hard work and dedication in putting the right building blocks in place, we would not be able to move forward now.

Our call for nominations at the end of 2017 for new committee members was extremely successful, and those of us who continued from the transition committee have been very happy to welcome new members with fantastic backgrounds and experience in the knowledge management and information management areas. We are also a truly international committee, with members from Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and China. The full list of committee members is at the end of this article, but I would urge you to visit our K&IM pages on the CILIP site and take a look at their biographies.

K&IM currently has nearly 1,800 members, and we are thrilled that so many CILIP members have shown an interest in the knowledge management and information management fields.

So the committee is in place, what should we be doing?

In January 2018, the new committee, and some specially invited guests, held an intensive workshop to work through what we felt our strategic direction should be and what were the key aims and objectives we wanted to hit over the next 2-3 years.

What we decided on the day is only a high-level starting point, and there is much work for us to do to add the detail and take our ideas from the drawing board and make them a reality.

You can see on the cover of this issue of K&IM Refer the output of our meeting in an illustrative infographic. In the February issue of Information Professional, the K&IM Matters column outlined the key takeaways from our workshop. I’ve detailed those again a little further on the article.

The 2018 K&IM Business Plan

Our workshop and subsequent e-mail discussions on the outputs all fed into our business plan for 2018.

The core offer of our business plan is the same as for all SIGs, as identified and agreed by all the Member Network in 2017:

  • To identify and meet the needs for local members, providing support for members in their CPD throughout their career.
  • To support members undertaking professional registration.
  • To develop a sense of community amongst members in the region.
  • To support membership recruitment and retention.

Our extended offer to our K&IM member is:

  • KM and IM content via our publications
    • K&IM Refer – published 3 times per year
    • Regular K&IM Matters column in Information Professional
    • New weekly KM and IM newsletter delivered via twitter and e-mail
  • One bursary place offered to CILIP Annual Conference
    • 2-day conference fees plus hotel expenses for one person – by application
  • K&IM Reference Awards; K&IM Walford Award; Information Manager of the Year
  • KM and IM relevant training & events, held either by K&IM, or in collaboration with other SIGs.

The priority areas we want to focus on have been identified as:

Accreditation: Working with CILIP to produce an action plan to implement an accreditation process for a) KM courses; b) individuals to add KM or IM accreditation.

Increase new membership from outside CILIP: Liaising with other bodies and external groups we must find ways to increase the visibility of the KM and IM offering both of this SIG and CILIP.

Supporting re-publication of Information as an Asset (Hawley Report): On publication of the report, work to ensure that the report is disseminated and fully described to members and to the wider K&IM community. The original Hawley report (named after chair of the committee that wrote it) recommended that senior executives treat information as an asset in the same way as an organisation’s building and estate, brand and intellectual property. This remains as relevant now as it did when the report was first published 20 years ago.

Understanding the needs of our current members and potential new members: Conduct a survey to understand the current and ongoing training and education needs for our members and the wider K&IM community

Increasing KM and IM content delivery: Find innovative ways to produce more content, including case-studies.

These are the business areas the committee will try to drive forward in 2018

2018 and beyond – what did we identify as our strategic goals for the next 3 years?

We really want to deliver very real and tangible benefits to those of you who have already joined us, but also reach out to others both within CILIP and a huge potential audience that sits outside of CILIP.

In February’s Information Professional, we identified those key areas that the committee are thinking about, and I thought it worth repeating them here. We would love to hear whether you agree or disagree, or if you think there is something critical we are missing.

Understanding our customers, our potential customers, and who are our competitors?

  • We want to develop personas to understand our current and potential customers better so we can deliver what you really need.
  • Everyone has a limited budget and time: we want to understand which other organisations people are joining, why they represent better value for them, and then see what we can do to get them to join us!

Getting the right recognition for Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Management (IM)

  • High on our agenda is working with CILIP on accreditation for KM and IM courses as well as looking at certification for individuals to promote KM and IM skills acquisition.
  • We would like to improve the recognition from the wider community – bringing KM and IM to the attention of international, national and local influencers.
  • Helping our members get better recognition from their employers.

Putting ourselves on the map as the “go to” experts for KM and IM

  • Ensuring that our members can access expertise on KM and IM topics.
  • Enabling our members to develop and build on current or new expertise in KM and IM topic

Developing relevant and trusted content

  • We would like to develop content that is relevant to you at each stage of your career, and that helps you solve problems you are facing or helps you to progress.

Creating a powerful network for our members

  • With CILIP’s new social link platform, we have the potential to build strong communities that can share knowledge and experiences.
  • We will be organising more events, both face-to-face and virtual, where you will also have the chance to develop your network.
  • It is important to us that we are the connection between you and CILIP, and that we build an effective two-way communication between CILIP and KM and IM practitioners.

Maintaining our awareness that we are operating in a global world

  • Many of our K&IM members are based outside the UK, including four of our K&IM committee members. So we truly recognise that we are operating in a global environment.
  • We would like to forge global alliances as well as ensuring we always give an international perspective to our activities.

If you think we have missed something vital or just want to add your particular support to an area please do get in touch. Either e-mail me as the Chair, or better still, use CILIP’s new social link platform to start a conversation. Contact details below.

What is important to us is that we reflect our member interests fully. In March, we sent out an e-survey, and I hope that you took the opportunity to share your views via that platform, but we are happy to hear from our members any time.

Contact: chair.kandim@cilip.org.uk

Follow us on twitter @CILIPKIM

Website: www.cilip.org.uk/kim

 Your 2018 K&IM Committee

Denise Carter Chair
Stephen Phillips Vice-Chair
Andrew Hutchinson Treasurer
Anne Fraser Honorary Secretary
Amanda Duffy Minutes Secretary & K&IM Awards Lead
Nicky Whitsed Marketing & Communication Working Group Lead
Helen Edwards Journal Editor
Ivan Donadello Training & Events Working Group Lead
Bruce Boyes Web Editor
Paul Corney K&IM Ambassador
Ceri Hughes K&IM Ambassador
Francesca Emmett Network/Outreach Lead (joint)
Mairéad Smith Network/Outreach Lead (joint)
Dion Lindsay East of England Representative
David Baynes London & South East Representative
Andy Zelinger SCOOP Representative

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