K&IM Knowledge and Information Award

The other four awards presented in 2018 were all as a result of a call for nominations from members and then the deliberations of a judging panel – a different panel for each award but still just a small group.   The K&IM Committee decided that we should have a fifth award to be given to a resource (blog, book, website, training programme etc.) that assists new or existing members of the K&IM community and contributes to the development of the profession.  But instead of a judging panel, it should be voted on by all our members. So a call for nominations went out and this resulted in six resources being put forward including a book, a training centre, a website, an online journal and a blog.  In September, details of these were sent round for members to vote on.  The winning resource was RealKM Magazine–  https://realkm.com

RealKM Magazinewas established in 2015 to provide up-to-date research-based information to assist managers in their day-to-day work.     As a comparatively new field, the evidence for what KM techniques work effectively is constantly evolving; and KM practitioners, often working in isolation, can find it difficult to keep up with the findings of new research in KM and related disciplines – communications, marketing and general management. This site is a cornucopia of highly relevant and very readable articles. A recent glance came up with new items on knowledge hoarding, ISO 9001, strategic thinking and one entitled ‘Best Practises Aren’t’.

To assist you in finding your through to what you want, there is a section entitled Special Series where articles and other posts are grouped together under such headings as cultural awareness in KM, agile decision making, and stakeholder and community engagement.   The coverage of the KM world is seemingly endless.

The site is free (although they welcome more Patrons) and there is also an e-newsletter and posts on social media.   You only have to read their strapline – Evidence Based, Practical Results to realise this site is a go-to place in the KM world.

Bruce Boyes, the editor of RealKM Magazine, is based in China and so was not able to be present at CILIP on 12thDecember 2018.  Fortunately Dr Beatrice Murray, Information Management Consultant and one of RealKM Magazine’smost active subscribers came along to accept the award from Paul Corney, a K&IM Group Ambassador.


K&IM Refer 35(1), Winter 2019.

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