K&IM Walford Award 2018

This year we received the largest number of nominations for the Walford Award ever.

The award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to knowledge management and information management.   We were looking for a forward thinker, an advocate for the profession, a practitioner’s practitioner and a genuine role model.  We quickly saw that Sue Lacey Bryantfitted all of these criteria.


As Senior Advisor at Health Education England, Sue has been the driving force behind the transformation of NHS funded library and knowledge services, shaping the vision of Knowledge for Healthcare working tirelessly to implement the change in behaviours and practice to enable information professionals to understand and fulfil their business-critical role in knowledge management.

Long before the term “knowledge broker” was popularised, Sue was working in such a role and writing extensively about the difference this role made to healthcare professionals.  Ever at the forefront of innovation she embraced the emerging use of the internet within healthcare and developed and launched e-bulletins on the hugely successful Doctors.net.  She started one of the first telephone health support lines and was responsible for developing a primary care and public health librarian support programme for the online National Library of Health.

An interest in innovation continues in her current role as programme manager for the independent Topol Review where the impact upon the health workforce of new technologies in healthcare such as AI, robotics and genomics is examined.

Sue has inspired a generation of health information professionals to broaden their remit beyond the walls of the traditional library and to take knowledge services to the bedside and the board room, working in embedded roles, producing synthesised and summarised evidence bulletins and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Raising the profile of health information services, she has advocated the essential role played by information professionals. As Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare, Sue has been at the forefront of developing a policy a policy for NHS Library and Knowledge Services in England and delivering the high-level #AMillionDecisions campaign -to encourage the employment and use of knowledge specialists.  As a result of the policy and the campaign, there is a united voice that has created a greater awareness across the health service about knowledge management and the role of knowledge specialists.


It was with great pleasure that the Knowledge and Information Management group gave the 2018 Walford Award to Sue Lacey Bryant.  The award was presented by Dr Ray Lester.


K&IM Refer 35(1), Winter 2019

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