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K&IM Refer 35(2), Spring 2019  Contents

K&IM @ CILIP Conference 2019

Denise Carter, K&IM Chair

 The Making of a KM Cookbook

Paul Corney, Chris Collison and Patricia Eng

Information at Work: information Management in the Workplace, edited by Katriina Byström, Jannica Heinström and Ian Ruthven: Review

Dion Lindsay Managing Director, Real Knowledge Management (DLC Ltd)

 What Do We Want To Be When We Grow Up?  How Data Is Changing Academic Publishing

Helen Edwards, Editor K&IM Refer

 Truth and Lies in Academic Publishing: Distrust in Research Highlights the Importance of Education inCritical Thinking Skills

Siân Harris, INASP

 The Launch of the Sub-Committee on Disinformation; and Discovery of the Parallel Parliament Website

Ruth Hayes, SCOOP (Standing Committee on Official Publications)

  ‘Sorting out stuff’ at Taxonomy Boot Camp London

Kat Allen, Information Today

 Report of the CILIP Knowledge Manager Accreditation Project Briefing at K&IM AGM, 7th Feb 2019

Simon Burton, Managing Director, CB Resourcing

 Report of the SCOOP Meeting Held on 13thMarch 2019

Steven Hartshorne, Secretary SCOOP

 Obituary: Andrew Zelinger (1964-2019)

Steven Hartshorne, Secretary SCOOP